Adhesion - Session C

Thursday, October 13, 2016: 1:30 PM-4:15 PM
Rm 303 (David L. Lawrence Convention Center )
Andrew L. Tisler, Omnova Solutions Inc
1:30 PM
In-Mold Bonding of Fluorosilicone Onto Thermoplastic Substrates
Rick Ziebell, Ch.E., R.D. Abbott Company, Inc, Cerritos, CA, Jose Gonzalez, Technology & Innovation, R.D. Abbott Company, Inc, Cerritos, CA and Gerardo Ramirez Jr., Research and Development, R.D. Abbott Company, Inc, Woodland Hills, CA
2:00 PM
Effect of Furfural on the Properties of Natural Latex: Possibility for Adhesive Industry
Wirasak Smitthipong1,2, Pilanee Vaithanomsat3,4, Phornpimol Janchai3, Sukontip Suethoa5, Nicha Huntrakul3 and Vittaya Punsuvon6, (1)Department of Materials Science, Faculty of Science, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand, (2)Office of natural rubber research program, The Thailand Research Fund (TRF), Bangkok, Thailand, (3)Kasetsart Agricultural and Agro-Industrial Product Improvement Institute, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand, (4)Center for Advanced Studies in Tropical Natural Resources, National Research University-Kasetsart University, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand, (5)Kasetsart Agricultural and Agro-Industrial Product Improvement Institute (KAPI), Bangkok, Thailand, (6)Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand
2:30 PM
2:45 PM
A New Non-Toxic, Environmentally Friendly Replacement for Resorcinol-Formaldehyde Latex Dip
Bernhard Mueller1, Olivier Defrain2, Jennifer Ahrens2, Sara Vecchiato3, Georg Guebitz3 and Enrique Herrero Acero3, (1)Research and Development, Glanzstoff Industries GmbH, St. Poelten, Austria, (2)Research and Development, Textilcord Steinfort S.A., Steinfort, Luxembourg, (3)Polymers and Environmental Biotechnology, Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology, Tulln, Austria
3:15 PM
Film Adhesives for Improving Safety and Reducing Cost in Tank Lining Applications
Andrew Heidenreich, Ph.D., Elastomer Adhesives and Coatings Technology Group, LORD Corporation, Cary, NC
3:45 PM
Experimental Study of Adhesion, Friction and Aging for a SBR-PBD Rubber Blend, Analyzed Using Multiscale-Contact-Mechanics and a Multi-modal Aging Model
Nestor Rodriguez, PhD, 1 Becton Drive, BD Medical Upstream Product &Technology Development, Franklin Lakes, NJ, Douglas Cusato, BD Medical Pharmaceutical Systems, Becton Dickinson, Franklin Lakes, NJ, Jon Bielby, Tire & Specialty Rubbers Business Unit ARLANXEO Inc., Arlanxeo Inc., London, ON, Canada and Bo J N Persson, PGI-1, Juelich, Germany