Film Adhesives for Improving Safety and Reducing Cost in Tank Lining Applications

Thursday, October 13, 2016: 3:15 PM
Rm 303 (David L. Lawrence Convention Center )
Andrew Heidenreich, Ph.D., Elastomer Adhesives and Coatings Technology Group, LORD Corporation, Cary, NC
Film Adhesives for Improving Safety and Reducing Cost in Tank Lining Applications

By Andrew Heidenreich, Senior Scientist, LORD Corporation

LORD Corporation has developed Chemlok®-brand film adhesives for bonding unvulcanized rubber to metal, specifically for tank lining applications, which eliminates the need for solvent-borne adhesives and tack cements. This high-tack, 100%-solids system cures with the elastomer during standard open steam and autoclave cure processes. Pre-laminating the film onto the uncured rubber sheet (before application to metal) greatly simplifies this traditionally labor-intensive process by eliminating the need for application and drying of up to four coats of wet adhesive and tack cement. Traditional wet adhesive systems release 35-to-50-pounds of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) for every 1000-square feet of rubber-lining. Worker safety is also improved by eliminating the risk of explosion and asphyxiation associated with applying a solvent-borne adhesive in an enclosed environment. Chemlok® film adhesives have high tack strength to hold the rubber liner in place once applied, and do so over a wide range of application temperatures, yet can be repositioned. Once applied to the metal substrate, elastomers can be stitched and worked in the standard fashion. After curing, a robust, 100%- rubber tearing bond, with excellent chemical resistance, is achieved to a variety of elastomers. This white paper will introduce Chemlok® film adhesives. Development, application, and benefits will be explained.