New Commercial Developments III - Session A

Wednesday, October 12, 2016: 1:00 PM-5:15 PM
Rm 306-7 (David L. Lawrence Convention Center )
R. Christopher Napier, ExxonMobil Chemical Co. and Peter Cameron, Sid Richardson Carbon & Energy
1:00 PM
Bio-Based Liquid Rubber for Tire Formulation
Kei Hirata, Elastomer Development & Marketing Department, Kuraray Co., Ltd, Tokyo, Japan
1:30 PM
Next Generation Functionalized Solution SBRs for Silica Tire Tread
Judy Douglas, Ph.D.1, Norbert Steinhauser, Ph.D.2 and Thomas Gross, Ph.D.2, (1)Tire and Specialty Rubber (TSR), ARLANXEO USA LLC, Pittsburgh, PA, (2)Tire and Specialty Rubber (TSR), ARLANXEO Deutschland GmbH, Dormagen, Germany
2:30 PM
Fatigue, Heat Build-up and DMA Test Technology for Elastomers
Troy Nickel, MSME1, Jason Lusk1, Sunoj Narayanan1, Thomas Rauschmann, ppa2, Sascha Peter, PhD3 and Inga Klaeke2, (1)TA Instruments, Eden Prairie, MN, (2)TA Instruments, Wetzlar, Germany, (3)TA Instruments, Eschborn, Germany
3:00 PM
3:15 PM
Enhanced Rheological Characterization for Rubber Compounds
Thomas Rauschmann, Sr. Product Manager, TA Instruments Waters LLC, Wetzlar, Germany and Madhu Namani, PhD, TA Instruments - Waters LLC, New Castle, DE
3:45 PM
Rotor Designs: Pleasant Surprises
Richard Jorkasky II, Kobelco Stewart Bolling, Inc., Hudson, OH
4:15 PM
Low Mold-Fouling Adhesive: Features and Bond Performance
Emmanuel Pitia, PhD, Elastomer Adhesive and Coating Technology, Lord Corporation, Erie, PA
4:45 PM
Evaluating the Root Cause of the Rubber Molding Defects through Virtual Molding
Harshal Bhogesra, Sigma Plastic Services, Inc., Sigma Plastic Services, Inc., Schaumburg, IL and Rick Ziebell, Ch.E., R.D. Abbott Company, Inc, Cerritos, CA