Rick Ziebell, Ch.E.

V.P. Technology
R.D. Abbott Company, Inc
16511 Carmenita Rd.
Cerritos, CA
USA 90703
Email: rick.ziebell@rdabbott.com

Biographical Sketch:
Rick A. Ziebell, a Graduate of Chemical Engineering, and Materials Engineering from California Polytechnic University, his studies have been advanced by Application Studies in Polymer Technology. In application, he is a patentee and known as an expert in silicone rubber technology. He has worked as a Quality Engineer for silicone medical products for both raw material suppliers and fabricators. With more than thirty years of experience in the Rubber Industry, he has contributed to both raw material supply and fabrication businesses.

59 Evaluating the Root Cause of the Rubber Molding Defects through Virtual Molding 89 Fused Amorphous Silica As a Replacement for Ground Quartz to Reduce Inhalation Exposure to Workers in Silicone Rubber Mixing Operations 118 In-Mold Bonding of Fluorosilicone Onto Thermoplastic Substrates