Michael Blumenthal

 Michael Blumenthal
Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA)
1400 K Street, NW
Washington, DC
USA 20005

Biographical Sketch:
Michael Blumenthal is the Senior Technical Director for the Rubber Manufacturers Association. Michael began working for the RMA in October 1990. During this period, Michael has provided timely and accurate information on scrap tires, the markets for scrap tires and the issues affecting the markets. These efforts include the development of market studies, compendiums on air emission issues, ASTM standards for ground rubber, engineering guidelines for civil engineering applications and standard guidelines for tire derived fuel. Michael has also been actively engaged in the dissemination of information on scrap tires. Michael has authored over 75 articles and peer-reviewed papers and is widely quoted in the tire and recycling industry publications. Michael has also served on seven state scrap tire advisory committees. Michael earned a MBA from the CUNY, a M.S. from Michigan State and his B.S. from Purdue.