Michael Hogan, PhD

Vice President Life Sciences
Applied DNA Sciences
Life Sciences
50 Health Sciences Drive
Stony Brook, NY
USA 11790

Biographical Sketch:
Dr. Michael Hogan, VP Life Sciences, has 30 years of experience in BioPharma, Medical Devices and In Vitro Diagnostics, at the VP and CSO level. He is the inventor of 30 awarded US and international patents with 83 publications. Previously, he has invented and commercialized DNA therapeutics, products for biological sample preservation and diagnostic tests, including DNA and protein microarray tests for FDA regulated laboratory medicine. In addition to faculty appointments in Molecular Biology (Princeton, Assistant Professor) Molecular Physiology and Biochemistry (Baylor College of Medicine, Professor) Biomedical Engineering (Texas A&M, Research Professor) Hogan has Founded 5 biotech companies. He presently sits on multiple advisory committees to the NIH. Undergraduate training, biology (Dartmouth). Graduate training, Physical Biochemistry (Yale). Postdoctoral training, biological NMR (Stanford), as a Damon Runyon Cancer Fellow. At ADNAS, he is helping to guide advancement in pharmaceutical chemistry, materials science, physical biochemistry and applied genetics.

98 Blending Signature® DNA into Silicone Rubber