Pooya Behroozinia

Virginia Tech
Mechanical Engineering
460 Old Turner Street, Randolph Hall 100C, Virginia Tech (MC 0710)
Blacksburg, VA
USA 24061

Biographical Sketch:
Pooya received his BSC degree in Mechanical Engineering at Shiraz University in 2010 and his MSC degree in Mechanical Engineering at Sharif University of Technology in 2012. He is a PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering Department at Virginia Tech. His PhD thesis title is focused on multiscale fracture mechanics in cord-rubber composites. He has a paper in AIAA entitled “Numerical Investigation of Scale Factor in Composites Applying Extended Finite Element Method” and another paper in preparation entitled “Correction to crack growth analysis at bimaterial interfaces in extended finite element method”. He has submitted a review paper of fracture mechanics to engineering failure analysis journal.

81 Multiscale Progressive Failure Analysis of Cord-Rubber Composites