Nasim Amiralian

University of Queensland
Australian Institute of Bioengineering & Nanotechnology (AIBN)
Corner College and Cooper Rds (Bldg 75)
St Lucia
Brisbane Australia 4072

Biographical Sketch:
Nasim’s general research themes are processing and structure-property performance of novel biomaterials, renewable-based polymers and nanocomposites. One of her key research aims is to shift the strong underlying science and engineering taking place in the projects towards the commercial applications. Her good experience in investigation and characterization of nanocomposite and also well knowledge about polymers led to have successful collaborations with biologists, chemists, and materials engineers. During her PhD, she discovered a unique, very high aspect ratio cellulose nanocrystal and nanofibril from “Spinifex” an Australian native arid grass, through the use of simpler, cost effective, and more environmentally friendly chemical and mechanical methods, which is at an early stage of commercialization in various polymer composites and membranes applications. She has good experience in these areas: -Fabrication & characterisation of nanocellulose -Electrospinning of polymers -Nanocomposites -Plant resin

C-6 Mechanical Reinforcement of Natural Rubber Latex with Cellulose Nanofibers from Triodia Pungens