Volker Boerger

Schill+Seilacher "Struktol" GmbH
Moorfleeter Strasse 28
Hamburg Germany 22113
Email: vboerger@struktol.de

Biographical Sketch:
Volker Boerger studied Chemistry at the University Hanover/Germany and received his PhD in Polymer Chemistry from the Technical University in Brunswick/Germany. In 2004 he joined Schill+Seilacher "Struktol" in Hamburg/Germany as Manager for Regulatory Affairs responsible for the implementation of the REACH regulation. Besides this he was working on special development projects amongst others with one focus on processing aids based on Organosilicone chemistry. In beginning 2015 he moved to the rubber division within Schill+Seilacher being rubber lab manager and resonsible for new developments.

5 New Processing Additives for Amine Cured Elastomers