Fabio Bacchelli

versalis - ENI Group
Tyre Technical Management
via Baiona 107
Ravenna Italy 48123
Email: fabio.bacchelli@versalis.eni.com

Biographical Sketch:
Fabio Bacchelli received his degree in Industrial Chemistry and his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Bologna (Italy). He began working as a Process Engineer at EniChem Elastomeri, taking part in the development of solution polymerization technology. He later joined R&D of versalis (ENI Group, former Polimeri Europa), where he has been leading the Department of Elastomer Physics and the Department of Elastomer Processing. He is currently Technical Manager for the tyre business. The author has presented a number of papers to many different organizations, including the German Rubber Society and the European Society of Rheology. He is also the author of patents and publications. Fabio is currently member of the Scientific Council of the German Institute of Rubber Technology (DIK, Hannover)

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