Anas K

srf limited
Chennai India 600068

Biographical Sketch:
I completed my bachelor degree in polymer science and rubber technology from a prominent university in the southern part of India known as Cochin University of Science and Technology . Subsequently after graduation i got admitted to master degree to one of the best technical institute in India known as Indian Institute Technology kharagpur which has proven its excellency in macro molecular research. From this center of excellency i got acquainted with viscoelasticity of different polymers and different characterization methods. In line with my admiration on viscoelasticity of polymers I had completed my M-TECH thesis. i have attented IEC -15 as a technical speaker at cleveland . I had attended many national seminars and workshops

9 Very High Frequency Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Rubbery Compounds in Light of Tyre Application an Assessment Using VHF 104 Analyser