Roger A. Cassell, PhD

TS&D Manager/PRP RtM Adhesives
Dow Automotive Systems
Specialty Adhesives NAR/LAR
10 South Electric Street
West Alexandria, OH
USA 45381

Biographical Sketch:
Dr. Roger A. Cassell Dr. Roger A. Cassell is a TS&D Manager/PRP for The Dow Automotive Systems, Specialty Adhesives Group NAR, a Dow Chemical Company. He specializes in rubber to substrate bonding technology. A nearly a 30-year veteran of the Engineered Rubber Products Industry, where Roger served as Technical Manager of Material Development Groups supporting both manufacturing efforts as well as product and process design. He holds a Ph. D. in Chemistry from Miami University (Oxford, Ohio Roger is a member of ACS, ACS Rubber Division and SAE. He holds a U.S. Patent and has authored several papers and presentations relating to rubber to substrate bonding during his tenure with Dow Automotive Systems (formerly The Rohm and Haas Company), where he provides technical guidance and manufacturing recommendations to the NVH, Mechanical Rubber Goods, Seals and Gasket manufacturers. E-mail:

4 New Water Bourne Rubber to Substrate Bonding Agent for Peroxide-Cure Rubber Compounds