Wilma K. Dierkes

University of Twente
Engineering Technology
P. O. Box 217
Enschede Netherlands 7500 AE
Email: w.k.dierkes@utwente.nl

Biographical Sketch:
After finishing her education as chemist and environmental scientist, Wilma Dierkes entered the rubber industry in 1991. She worked in different R&D positions at the Degussa Company in carbon black research, at Rubber Resources in recycling and for Bosch in the field of windshield wipers. She joined the University Twente, the Netherlands, in 2001, and is currently working as Associate Professor with specialization on filler technology and devulcanization. She also has an appointment at the Tampere University of Technology, Finland, as Visiting Professor.

26 Functionalized SBRs in Silica-Reinforced Tire Tread Compounds: Interactions with Filler and Zinc Oxide 64 C2C Technology for Passenger CAR Tire Rubber By a Continuous Devulcanization Process C-3 Effect of Aromatic OIL on PHASE Dynamics of S-SBR/BR Blends for Passenger CAR Tire Treads