Laurent Chazeau

Laboratoire MATEIS INSA de LYON
Polymer team
7 avenue Jean Capelle
Villeurbanne France 69621

Biographical Sketch:
Laurent chazeau, born in 1971, got his Ph-D in 1998 , in materials science, working on cellulose whiskers/PVC nanocomposites. He was then hired as a postdoctoral fellow to work with prof. S.S. Sternstein on the non linear viscoelastic behavior of filled elastomers. In 1999, he got a CNRS position as a research scientist to work in the polymer team of the MATEIS (Materials: Engineering and Science) laboratory of the National Institute of Applied Science. In 2011, he became professor in the same laboratory and the head of the polymer team. He has published 71 peer reviewed papers in International Scientific journal on microstructure properties relationships in polymer based materials (elastomers, polymer foam, polymer nanocomposites).

73 Anisotropic Silicone Films