Andrew V. Chapman

Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre
Hertford United Kingdom SG13 8NL

Biographical Sketch:
Dr. Andy Chapman is a Senior Research Fellow at the Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre (TARRC) at Brickendonbury, near Hertford, England. He was trained as a chemist, graduating from Cambridge University, and after an MSc, PhD and post docs, specializing mainly in heterocyclic chemistry, joined TARRC (then MRPRA) at the beginning of 1984, where he has remained ever since. During this period, his areas of interest have grown from focussing on vulcanization chemistry, to also include rubber blends, rubber ageing and reinforcement of rubbers by fillers. He has led or helped to lead several EU-funded projects. He currently is involved in projects on application of epoxidized natural rubber in tires, but today he will be presenting work using TGA-IR to characterize silanized silicas, and their application in tire tread compounds.

67 Characterization of Silica Modified with Silanes Using Thermogravimetric Analysis Combined with Infrared Detection