C. M. Roland

Head of Polymer Physics
Naval Research Laboratory
Chemistry Division
Code 6120
Washington, DC
USA 20375-5342
Email: mike.roland@nrl.navy.mil

Biographical Sketch:
Mike Roland is a physical chemist and head of the Polymer Physics Section at the Naval Research Laboratory. His research interests are the mechanical and viscoelastic properties of materials. He received his PhD in chemistry from the Pennsylvania State University in 1980, and prior to joining NRL in 1986 was a group leader at the Firestone Central Research Laboratories in Akron, OH. From 1991 to 1999 he edited the American Chemical Society journal “Rubber Chemistry & Technology”, and currently is on the editorial board of “Macromolecules”. His awards include the Sparks-Thomas Award (ACS) in 1991, Edison Award (NRL) in 2000, Melvin Mooney Award (ACS) in 2002, Sigma Xi Award for Pure Science (NRL) in 2002, and he became a Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals, and Mining (UK) in 2008. He has authored over 300 publications and holds 13 patents.

75 The Thermomechanical Response of a Polyurea