Juergen Trimbach

Hansen & Rosenthal Group
Am Sandtorkai 64
Hamburg Germany 21465
Email: juergen.trimbach@hur.com

Biographical Sketch:
Born 1953 in Hammelburg, Bavaria. Married, two children. Visited the school in Cologne, Chemical engineer, study in Aachen. Worked with Bayer for approx. 30 years till 2004. I was e. g. responsable for the installation of new production plants worldwide for Sulfenamides and Dithiocarbamates, was part of the team to develop and install NdBR in Germany, was product manager for powder rubber, later for Butadiene rubbers (especially SSBR). Since 2004 I´m working for Hansen & Rosenthal (H&R) as the global product manager for process oils (plasticizers for the rubber industry are a very important part of this business). Since 2009 I´m also the H&R´s head of R&D.

C-3 Effect of Aromatic OIL on PHASE Dynamics of S-SBR/BR Blends for Passenger CAR Tire Treads