Ageing and Thermal Degradation of Rubber Nanocomposites

Thursday, October 13, 2016: 3:15 PM
Rm 304-5 (David L. Lawrence Convention Center )
Ajesh K Zachariah, Kulamam Vila Veedu, Kerala, India and Sabu Thomas, School of Chemical Sciences,, School of Chemical Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University, Priyadarshini Hills, Kottayam, Kerala, India;, Kottayam, India
The rubber based nanocomposites have been an emerging area of research for developing the materials in the last few decades. The incorporation of nanomaterials in rubbers mainly focuses on the structure-property relationships and their development. It was found that many kinds of nanomaterials were used for development of the rubber nanocomposites. This includes carbon nanotubes, nanoclays, graphenes, nanofibres, nanomaterials developed from biological sources, etc. Since the area of rubber nanocomposites have been used for the development of different kinds of commercially important materials, the ageing and degradation behavior under various environmental conditions are essential fields of research. Another interesting area of the rubber nanocomposites is their biodegradability. This article is aimed to discuss these research in detail.