Reality and Simulation: Physical and Virtual Molding of "Ursula"

Wednesday, October 12, 2016: 2:30 PM
Rm 303 (David L. Lawrence Convention Center )
Kaushik Manek, SIGMA PLASTIC SERVICES, INC, Schaumburg, IL, Oliver Franssen, Global Marketing Transportation, Momentive Performance Materials, Leverkusen, Germany and Matt Proske, SIGMA Plastic Services, Inc, Schaumburg, IL
Since their introduction more than 30 years ago, LSRs (liquid silicone rubbers) have been showcasing feasibility of the most complex geometries in flash- and waste-less elastomers molding. The evolution of advanced simulation technologies allow detailed process analysis and help engineers to push the limits even further in their new projects.

Momentive and Sigmasoft demonstrated during the Fakuma in October 2015 both, the physical and virtual molding of the same designer part - based on a mold for a highly complex geometry “Ursula” provided by CVA. CVA Silicone is part of CVA Technology Pure Silicone Group. www.cva-silicone.com

The presentation gives an overview on background of the part and details on the LSR molding and demolding process including typical material properties. The simulation shows the process from heating the mold to the running process. Short shots and simulation of alternative materials demonstrate the precision of the simulation technology available today.

  • Setup and background of the project
  • LSR molding and demolding “Ursula”
  • Material properties for the simulation
  • Setup and background of simulation
  • Virtual molding of “Ursula”
  • Outlook