A Comparative Study of Chemical Resistant Noxtite® FKM and ACM for Demanding Hose Applications

Thursday, October 13, 2016: 2:00 PM
Rm 304-5 (David L. Lawrence Convention Center )
Mardan Niyaz, Unimatec Chemicals America Inc., Novi, MI

A comparative study of chemical resistant Noxtite® FKM and ACM for demanding hose applications


Mardan Niyaz, Unimatec Chemicals America Inc. 39555 Orchard Hill Place Suite 600, Novi MI, USA; Contact: m.niyaz@unimatec-chemicals.com


Innovative development of a group of new high temperature Noxtite ACM (HT-ACM), which has significantly improved heat resistance compared with standard ACMs, allowed Unimatec to take the application of ACMs to a more demanding level, for a longer lifetime of the operating part since over a decade ago. i.e. turbo charger, fuel and oil hose applications.

We continue to see the trend in downsizing the engine block to reach a better balance between performance and fuel efficiency. The smaller engine compartments and the encapsulation of the engine block has added more rigorous requirements to elastomeric parts under the hood. The new generation of Noxtite HT-ACMs are superior in heat resistance up to 190°C, thus almost eliminating the gap between ACM and FKM.

This paper shows a comparative study between Noxtite® FKM copolymer (66 wt% fluorine content), terpolymer (68 wt% fluorine content) and Noxtite® HT-ACMs, highlighting their improved performance in terms of fluid resistance, such as fuels and engine fluids found in “Blow-By” or EGR applications that have increased additive contents. A comprehensive study on heat aging, gasoline and diesel “Blow-By” immersion data also shows the resilience of Noxtite® FKM grades in comparison to other HT-ACM grades.