Stress-Strain Relation and Strain-Induced Crystallization of Natural Rubber

Thursday, October 13, 2016: 9:00 AM
Rm 306-7 (David L. Lawrence Convention Center )
Shigeyuki Toki, Ph. D1, Watcharin Sinumsai, Master of Science2 and Krisda Suchiva, Ph.D1, (1)Chemistry, Mahidol University of Thailand, Nakom Prathom, Thailand, (2)chemistry, Mahidol University, Nakom Prathom, Thailand
Stress-strain relations and strain- induced crystallization of varied crosslink structures, crosslink densities of vulcanized natural rubber, vulcanized synthetic poly-isoprene rubber and un-vulcanized natural rubber are compared by synchrotron X-ray. Upturns of stress and onset strains of strain-induced crystallization do not depend on each other. Vital element for the onset strain of SIC seem to be not crosslink but entanglement. The form of SIC may be bundle-like nuclei and extended chain crystal. SIC of rubber is close to flow induced crystallization (FIC) of polymer melt.