Comparison of Mixing Breakdown Profiles for Compounds Based on Different Elastomer Systems

Thursday, October 13, 2016: 10:45 AM
Rm 301-2 (David L. Lawrence Convention Center )
John S. Dick, MTS, Alpha Technologies U.S., Fairlawn, OH and Edward Norton, Product Development, Alpha Technologies, Akron, OH
Compounds based on different base elastomers will breakdown in different ways during the mixing process.  This affects their downstream factory performance in extrusion, calendering, and molding.

In this study, an RPA 2000 Rubber Process Analyzer was used to measure the differences in  rheological behavior from using different base elastomers. Model rubber compounds were prepared and tested using several different base elastomers.  Processability characteristics were measured for these mixed stocks with varying work histories using the RPA 2000 with EDR.  Comparisons were made of the performance behavior for these compounds with different elastomers.