Rabia Laghmach

PhD student Rabia Laghmach
7 avenue Jean Capelle
Villeurbanne France 69621
Email: rabia.laghmach@insa-lyon.fr

Biographical Sketch:
I am graduated master's degree in physics (Subatomic Physics) from the University of Lyon; I am currently a second year PhD student; I work in the “Theory and Modeling” group in the laboratory of condensed matter physics and nanophysics (LPMCN) at the University of Lyon, in collaboration with the “Polymer, Glass and Heterogeneous materials” team of the MATEIS Laboratory (INSA-Lyon). My research interest is centered around crystallization of elastomers under strain. My thesis is entitled: Modeling the crystallization of an elastomer under strain. To this end we use Statistical Mechanics to describe the entropy reduction of the polymeric chains induced by the strain, and we model the dynamics of the polymer network using a phase-field approach. The main axes of my research are thus: Theory of elasticity of polymer networks. Statistical physics and free energy for a polymer of strain crystallization(Field phase and free energy functional)...